Life at 888.com

At 888.com, we take our social responsibility seriously. We invest a great deal of time and creative energy ensuring that our customers have access to a friendly and caring gaming environment, our employees and suppliers enjoy an ethical and rewarding workplace, and the greater community as well as our shareholders benefit from our success.

Entertainment@888 - We believe that entertainment is what completes our lives. After the challenges and routine that occupy most of our time, everyone is entitled to some fun and excitement.

Customers@888 - We believe that our first responsibility is to provide the best gaming experience to our customers. This means offering the most entertaining, innovative, exciting and rewarding opportunities to win, combined with unparalleled member service that is available from any location at any given time. We are proud to both develop and acquire new products to maintain our edge. We are always mindful of the complex regulatory environment that we operate in and the social responsibility that come with our industry. We must invest time and resources in caring for our customers and protecting the vulnerable.

Employees@888 - We are responsible for our employees who work with us worldwide. We must provide an enjoyable work environment where people are challenged and motivated to excel, where flare is rewarded, compensation is fair and the balance between work and family is respected. Individual development is encouraged and advancement is based solely on merit. We must always invest in developing our employees so that they can achieve their personal aspirations. All employees should expect their managers to be capable, knowledgeable and motivating. We must always treat our suppliers and other partners with respect, enabling them to make a fair profit. We will never expose our employees to regulatory risk and all employees should be comfortable that their actions are just and ethical.

Responsibility@888 - We must use our financial success for the greater good. We are in a wonderful position to invest back in to the charities and organizations that are important to our employees and to our customers. We must especially encourage and support the social responsibility that accompanies our work. We are committed to provide a fair and responsible gaming environment and to guide our customers to play responsibly.

Investors@888 - Our final responsibility is to our shareholders. We must strive to operate as efficiently as possible, achieving profitable excellence always ensuring that we treat their capital as if it was our own. We must take risks that allow step-changes in performance while always calculating the risk and measuring our results, retaining knowledge and learning from our experiences. By doing all of the above we will increase shareholder value.