Continuous improvement

In August 2017, we agreed a voluntary settlement with the UK Gambling Commission (‘UKGC’), following a licence review. We acknowledged historical failings highlighted by the UKGC and accepted its conclusion, which recognised the steps 888 had taken to address the concerns raised and to prevent them from reoccurring.

These steps involved our senior management team devoting significant resources to assessing and delivering improvements to our responsible gaming tools, processes and technology—a process which is continually under review.

Some of the actions we took throughout the process included:

  • Carried out an external audit of 888’s self-exclusion system, including the self-exclusion process on both the Bingo and the Casino, Poker & Sports platforms, after which the system was found to be fit for purpose.
  • Improved our Observer system so that it captures a broader range of changes in player behaviour.
  • Implemented organisational changes to strengthen oversight of regulatory compliance as well as to improve co-operation between different departments and streamline the process of settling any conflicts between them.
  • Continued a review of marketing practices in the UK, including an extensive review and monitoring of marketing affiliates’ and B2B partners’ websites.