Focus areas

888 is focused on caring for its customers by:

Anti-money laundering

We take comprehensive steps to minimise fraud and implement effective anti-money laundering policies. We developed first-class fraud detection mechanisms which enhance internal monitoring systems and allow the business to react in real time to any potential or evolving fraud patterns. We regularly request supporting documentation from customers to verify their source of funds to ensure that the deposits our customers make are legitimate.

Underage gambling

Underage activity on our sites is strictly prohibited and we take the matter very seriously. Our products are not designed to attract minors and we make every effort to prevent minors from accessing our sites by using sophisticated proprietary and third-party verification measures.

Gambling addiction

Our goal is to ensure that all those who visit our sites can do so with confidence. We work to ensure that those for whom our games are not intended, notably those vulnerable to addiction, will not be drawn into the gaming environment and those few customers who develop a gambling problem are quickly identified and helped by our trained team.

Responsible marketing

We are committed to fair marketing practices and regularly review our websites and those of our marketing partners to ensure that content meets our strict standards and guidelines. These steps are accompanied by a reduction in the number of affiliates we use so that we can better monitor and supervise those that remain engaged.


We are committed to providing players with a safe, fair and enjoyable gaming experience. We leverage our technology and analytics to ensure our customers enjoy fair entertainment in a secure environment.


We take the issue of privacy extremely seriously. We are fully GDPR compliant and over the course of 2017 we further strengthened our data protection policies, processes and systems.