888 is all about entertainment. But it’s not entertaining for our customers, and it doesn’t benefit us, when people lose control.

We want to ensure that gambling remains a source of entertainment and so ask our customers to remember these simple pointers:

  1. Gambling is a form of entertainment. It should never be seen as a way of making money. If you’re not having fun, take a break.
  2. Be sensible – only gamble what you can afford and are willing to lose. Think about how much you’re spending and track your spending through the site. You can use deposit limits to manage the amount you spend.
  3. Do not chase your losses.
  4. Make sure you know the rules of the game you’re playing.
  5. Do not play for too long. Set yourself a time limit and stick to it.
  6. Never gamble when under the influence of alcohol or drugs or when you’re upset or experiencing depression.
  7. Never borrow money to gamble.
  8. Don’t let gambling prevent you from enjoying other activities or let it interfere with work and family. Balance gambling with other forms of recreation.
  9. With 888 you’re never alone. If you need assistance, contact our Member Support Team at or by clicking here