Play Responsibly.

We believe we make a positive contribution to the quality and enjoyment of life for the millions of people who play with 888.com on a regular or occasional basis.

We believe that in a world where we are all subject to the many different kinds of social, financial, family, work, health and other pressures, it is important to have a space away from all these pressures to wind down, switch off, distance yourself and simply enjoy the play!

Research shows that most online players derive enjoyment and relaxation from their time on our gaming sites and we believe this helps them maintain an overall positive quality of life!

Naturally, any form of play has the potential to reach destructive levels or generate undesirable impacts. Online Gambling, as with any form of entertainment, also has this potential.

At 888.com we have analyzed both the positive effects of our services for customers, as well as the potential for negative effects. In order to safeguard users, potential users and the general public from these risks, we have adopted a comprehensive Responsible Gaming Policy and a safe and secure gaming environment, which are the backbone of the way we do business and the manifestation of our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.