Above all else we are committed to caring for members and providing them with one of the safest and most secure environments to gamble online. Not only is that the right thing to do but our reputation depends on it and it’s also the only way that our business will continue to grow and prosper.

Gambling is a form of entertainment enjoyed by millions of people as part of a balanced lifestyle. The majority of people gamble without experiencing any problems; however, it is possible for a person to develop an unhealthy relationship with gaming. We try to identify the small number of cases where vulnerable or potentially vulnerable members show signs of losing control through our unique Observer system, which uses carefully developed algorithms to monitor player activity.

Observer produces tracking reports which are analysed by our highly experienced responsible gaming team. Where customers encounter (or show signs of encountering) issues, our specially trained team engages with players to understand their situation and equip them with the information and tools they need to manage their play.